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Time to Rest: Fred Taylor, Earnest Graham, Aaron Stecker

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If your league is insane enough to hold the championship during Week 17, you're probably tearing your hair out trying to deal with it.  Any player on a team that has clinched a playoff spot is likely to be rested for at least a half, if not the entire game.  Here are a few running backs that I've read are going to be rested this weekend.

Earnest Graham, Tampa Bay - Look for a lot of Michael Pittman.  I may be the first person to ever say that.

Reggie Bush / Aaron Stecker, New Orleans - There's no reason for the Saints to rush back their #1 RB this week.  Or Bush either.  Look for Pierre Thomas to see most of the work.

Najeh Davenport, Pittsburgh - Do you think the Steelers are going to risk going into the playoffs with his backup?  His backup being...uh...let me look this up.  Uh...  Verron Haynes. Or possibly rookie Gary Russell?  No, me neither.

Fred Taylor / Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville - Jones-Drew should see more than Taylor, but even that won't be much. Taylor may rest the entire game.

Don't count on these guys to win your championship this week.  What's that?  You ARE counting on these guys to win your championship this week?  Sorry to hear that.  Better bring that up that rule change next season!