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Fake Teams Reader League Champion!

Congratulations to Steve Gozdecki and his Steve's Staleys, the winner of the 2007 Fake Teams Reader League Championship.  He took the title with a 116-63 win over Ryan Butler's Tim Donaghy's Kneecaps led by Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Stecker.  

The most glaring thing about the champions is the lack of "elite" running backs that we all thought were critical to success before this season started.  No Tomlinson, no LJ, no Jackson, no Gore. Not even a Maroney or a Westbrook.  He did have Joseph Addai though. And, of course, Aaron Stecker.

His prize is an authentic English Premier League football scarf from any one of the "Big Four" teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United).  It's a  "football" prize, just like I promised.  Get it?  Football?  "Football"?  Hey what do you want, I live in England.

I'll drop you an email Steve and you can tell me which team you want and where to send it.

Thanks to everybody who participated in this year's league!