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2008 Fantasy Baseball: 3B Rankings

The ranks of 3B has a couple of surprises. The first is how low Cubs 3B Aramis Ramirez is ranked. It was the most glaring "mistake". However, recall these ranks are calculated based on a weighted three-year average, and those figures are then ranked across the five fantasy baseball categories relative to his 3B-eligible peers. Aramis is a great HR hitter. but his lack of SB production hampers him relative to the other players ranked ahead of him. Amongst the ten who score better, the worst rank is Adrian Beltre's AVG at 39. Ramirez's SB is a 58!

Another surprise is the absence of White Sox 3B/LF Josh Fields. With just one season under his belt, he loses out on 40% of the scoring. That is a big deal but his SB and AVG defintiely had an adverse effect. He was tied with Ramirez at 58 in SB, but he came in even worse in AVG. He ranked 68th out of 87 3B-eligible players. However, he is just a SB away from the Top 45. I expect he will move towards the middle/top of the 3B pack very quickly.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Rodriguez Alex   16 DeRosa Mark   31 Aurilia Rich  
2 Wright David   17 Glaus Troy   32 Graffanino Tony  
3 Cabrera Miguel   18 Garciaparra Nomar down 33 Scutaro Marco  
4 Jones Chipper   19 Feliz Pedro   34 Lamb Mike up
5 Atkins Garrett   20 Chavez Eric   35 Betemit Wilson  
6 Beltre Adrian   21 Tracy Chad   36 Carroll Jamey down
7 Zimmerman Ryan   22 Izturis Maicer down 37 Gordon Alex up up up
8 Braun Ryan up 23 Blalock Hank up 38 Escobar Yunel up
9 Figgins Chone   24 Encarnacion Edwin   39 Kouzmanoff Kevin up
10 Mora Melvin down 25 Bautista Jose   40 Counsell Craig  
11 Ramirez Aramis up 26 German Esteban down 41 Punto Nick  
12 Lowell Mike   27 Loretta Mark   42 Cintron Alex  
13 Blake Casey down 28 Rolen Scott   43 Crede Joe up
14 Wigginton Ty   29 Iwamura Akinori   44 Castillo Jose  
15 Inge Brandon down 30 Ensberg Morgan   45 Reynolds Mark up