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2008 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings

As I work my way across the infield, here are the SS rankings based upon my system of weighting the three prior seasons 60/30/10 and then ranking those averages relative to the other players eligible at the same psotion across the five traditional fantasy baseball categories. As with the C, 1B, and 2B ones, these also favor those players who contribute across all five categories. Hence, Derek Jeter as the 3rd best SS despite my own inclinations to select a couple players ranked behind him or to be indifferent between him and many others behind him.

Because a player would have to have played in any of the previous three seasons, and done well, to get ranked there are often players I believe will have value in 2008 but are not on the Top 45. One of those is 2B/SS Erick Aybar. While he has never shown a great SB% (65.2%), he should be a quality player thanks to his speed - at least for a season until the Angels tire of him running them out of scoring opportunities.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Rollins Jimmy 16 Vizquel Omar   31 Gonzalez Alex  
2 Ramirez Hanley 17 Wilson Jack   32 Punto Nick  
3 Jeter Derek 18 Bartlett Jason   33 Miles Aaron  
4 Guillen Carlos 19 Eckstein David   34 Theriot Ryan up
5 Young Michael 20 Lopez Felipe   35 Clayton Royce  
6 Reyes Jose up 21 Hardy J.J.   36 Keppinger Jeff  
7 Renteria Edgar 22 Drew Stephen up 37 Pena Tony  
8 Tejada Miguel 23 Loretta Mark   38 Bloomquist Willie  
9 Cabrera Orlando 24 Harris Brendan   39 McDonald John  
10 Furcal Rafael 25 Scutaro Marco   40; Cedeno Ronny up
11 Lugo Julio 26 Uribe Juan   41 Ryan Brendan  
12 Tulowitzki Troy up 27 Crosby Bobby   42 Frandsen Kevin up
13 Greene Khalil 28 Counsell Craig   43 Barmes Clint  
14 Peralta Jhonny 29 Escobar Yunel up 44 Cora Alex  
15 Betancourt Yuniesky 30 Everett Adam   45 Izturis Cesar