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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, & Roger Clemens' YouTube Denial

Dave Ortiz doesn't think his good friend Johan Santana will be joining him in Boston.  He and Johan are reported to be very good friends.  If there was somethign occuring, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Santana would drop some hints to Ortiz.

However, Charlie Waters writes a Johan Santana trade is imminent.  Are these two sentences connected?  Can Yankees fans react with Christmas joy or is Mr. Waters' definition of "imminent" the question?

I find it just as plausible that Mr. Waters use of the word "imminent" needs to be defined.  Santa Claus' arrival is imminent.  The New Year is imminent.  Either timeframe jibes with recent reports about when Johan Santana will be traded.


Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times doesn't put much stock in Mariners' GM Bill Bavasi's statement that Brandon Morrow will not be dealt in an Erik Bedard deal.  I agree.

If reports out of Cincinnati are correct, then a Reds package led by SP Homer Bailey and 1B Joey Votto would compel the Mariners to include Morrow in a package for Bedard.  CF Adam Jones may be the best prospect between the two teams, but he alone isn't better than Bailey and Votto.


Unrelated to any trade rumors, here is the YouTube denial of the allegations in the Mitchell Report by Roger Clemens.