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Fake Teams 2008 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft I

Earlier this month, I had the privilege to participate in the first 2008 Fantasy Baseball Expert Mock Draft at Mock Draft Central.  (Here is my write-up of the results.)

My experiences with MDC and my use of their ADP intel has always been positive, but I never set-up a mock draft of my own.  For whatever reason, I always waited for the official start of Yahoo!'s fantasy baseball sign-up to do my drafting.  No more!

I have set-up the 1st Fake Teams Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft to be held at 9:15PM EST this Thursday.  This will be a standard 12-team 5x5 with three bench spots.  If you'd like to join, you will need to set-up a free account with MDC.  Here is the link to do that - Sign-up.

Once that is done, Join here.  You will need a password to do so.  It is "faketeams".  

I look forward to drafting on Thursday night.