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Week Sixteen Fantasy Football and Point Spread Questions And Expected Scores

For those looking for which games are thought to have the best chances for fantasy points, look at the higher O/U totals. Amongst these are the Browns/Bengals game which has the Browns in Cincy as road favorites. It is Week Sixteen, and the Browns as road favorites in an intradivsion game still shocks me.

The Chiefs and Lions are expected to score quite a few points relative to the general malaise that surrounds each team's 2007 season. The Saints and Eagles match-up includes the underdog expected to score the most points this week. When Jason David is a starting cornerback on the favored team, can this be a surprise?

The Chargers/Broncos and Colts/Texans are two more games expected to be on the higher-scoring side. I'm not compeltely sold on the Chargers as the second-highest expected score of the week behind the Patriots. While LaDanian Tomlinson should get his 100+, I'm not so sure Philip Rivers and his no-name receivers will have a ton of success.

One line that I find interesting is the Packers as 8.5 point favorites in Chicago. Obviously, the Bears are playing for nothing, but wouldn't an intra-dvision December game at Soldier Field inspire some professional pride?

As for teams with players to be wary of, look at the lowest expected scores for the underdogs. Neither the aforementioned Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, and Oakland Raiders are expected to score two touchdowns. I have a hard time seeing the QBs on any of those teams (Kyle Orton, Cleo Lemon and Josh mcCown) throwing two scores, and none of the RBs inspire any confidence now that the Raiders' Justin Fargas is out and being replaced by a committee. Good luck if your Super Bowl hopes rest on players from any of those teams.

Favorite Underdog O/U Point Spread Expected Score
Giants* Bills 32 2.5 Giants* 17-15
Titans Jets 37 8.5 Titans 23-14
Browns* Bengals 43.5 2.5 Browns* 23-21
Packers* Bears 35 8.5 Packers* 22-13
Colts Texans 45 7 Colts 26-19
Lions Chiefs 43.5 4.5 Lions 24-20
Patriots Dolphins 45 22 Patriots 34-12
Jaguars Raiders 38.5 13 Jaguars 26-13
Saints Eagles 47 3 Saints 25-22
Vikings Redskins 40.5 6.5 Vikings 24-17
Cardinals Falcons 44 10 Cardinals 27-17
Seahawks Ravens 39 11 Seahawks 25-14
Buccaneers* 49ers 36.5 5.5 Buccaneers* 21-16
Chargers Broncos 47 8.5 Chargers 28-19
* Road favorites