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Week Sixteen Fantasy Football Super Bowl: Stephania Bell's Injury Updates

With so few fantasy football teams still playing, those that are have to make the toughest Start/Sit decisions of the season.  To help, here are Stephania Bell's injury opinions on several players.

  1. RB Ron Dayne:  Should play just as he did last week, but he is sharing carries with former Irishman Darius Walker.  Be careful.
  2. QB Matt Schaub:  May be #3 QB, but are you really still playing with Schaub as a possible start?
  3. WR Marques Colston:  Awoke Friday morning with back pain after sleeping weird and missed practice on Friday.  This injury has the potential for screwing fantasy teams as he is a lock start for most teams.
  4. QB Tony Romo:  Ms. Bell has been saying he is good to go but be wary.  He could re-injure the thumb.  "Dallas is highly motivated to win this game and Romo likely wants to undo the memories of his Week 15 performance. If he starts as expected, expect him to play well."  For those whose teams survived the suck-itude of last week's efforts (not me), I hope she is correct in her prognostication.
  5. WRs Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald:  Boldin looks better and Fitzgerald looks worse.  This is the opposite of what it had been the past few weeks.  Just like Colston, Fitzgerald could have a lot of people looking to the sky and screaming, "Fitzgeraaaaaaaaaaald!"
Be sure to catch Ms. Bell at 10AM on the ESPN fantasy footbal chat.  Great job, Ms. Bell!