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MLB Rumors: As The Johan Santana World Turns

So with the 72-hour negotiating window closing sometime early Christmas morning, the likelihood of Johan Santana being dealt before then is decreasing.  However, all teams involved could pull the trigger and quickly reach a contract agreement with Santana given a month's worth of discussion about what he would require to waive his no-trade clause - seven years at $20mm per season.

A couple days ago, Kat O'Brien of Newsday rekindled the hopes of Yankees' fans everywhere when she got Hank Steinbrenner on record saying he is the final authority on any trade discussions involving Johan Santana.  Given the reported reluctance of GM Brian Cashman to deal Phil Hughes, this has been interpreted to mean the Yanks will deal Hughes once Big Hank is convinced by others to do so.

Today, Ms. O'Brien gets a Yankees' source from the non-Steinbrenner camp to say, "I don't see it happening with us.  We pulled out in Nashville, and we haven't put an offer back on the table."

Yet, in the next breath, she writes that Hank Steinbrenner was not so sure.  When asked to respond, he said, "You never know."  He did say he didn't think anything would happen before Christmas, though.

This certainly doesn't jibe with the rumblings from Minnesota which had a deal likely to happen before the 25th of December.  Both sides could be right if one accepts that Minnesota guys have their team sources who want to deal and the New York ones have their sources who are not as quick to pay the price.

Ultimately, this game of chicken will be lost by the Twins who currently carry all the risk - the offers being pulled, non-play-off contenders, Santana getting hurt - while the Yankees and Red Sox are still play-off contenders and still retain the two-four major league tested/ready prospects.