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The NFL's Worst Christmas Gifts: Part 2 - The NFC

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Christmas is less than a week away, but there's still time to buy your horrible NFL Christmas gifts.  Today I cover the horror that is the NFC.  Most people consider the NFC to be inferior to the AFC when it comes to quality of football.  Is the same true of the teams' gift offerings?  Yes.

My review of Christmas gifts from the AFC is here

(Hat tip again to UK soccer site Football365 for the idea)

Matt Leinart Action Framed Photo  - $42.99
In case you've forgotten what he looks like actually playing football.

Falcons Children's Building Blocks  - $23.98
Not only a children's toy,  but a job interview test for the next head coach.

Panthers Pink Mini Helmet - $21.99
Holy crap, which marketing genius thought this was a good idea?!

You gotta be kidding me

Bears Ear Muffs - $15.00
So you can put these on and yell "NA-NA-NA-NA-NA!" whenever they announce: "Now entering the game for Chicago...Rex Grossman"

Cowboys Adjustable Pet Harness - $19.99
This is apparently what the Cowboys had Marion Barber wearing this season.

Detroit Lions Sleeping Bag - $60.00
Here's the brilliant product description from the web site:
"Durable, long lasting" - Wow, it's both durable AND long-lasting?
"Compact and portable for easy transportation" - Oh that's good, because I certainly wouldn't want to buy a sleeping back that's DIFFICULT TO TRANSPORT!
I know it's only a web site description, but this just demonstrates the half-assedness of the Lions organization.

Green Bay
Packers Jersey Shower Curtain - $45.95
I can't see many instances where this doesn't seem weird, especially to a woman.  So if you manage a scenario where you have a woman in your shower, and she sees that you have a Packers shower curtain, odds are it's going to make you look a little nuts.  I'm just saying.

Vikings Padded Winter Gloves -  $16.99
Big puffy gloves apparently worn by every Vikings receiver this year.

New Orleans
Youth Joe Horn White Replica Jersey - Sale Price : $30.00
I'll let the website description speak for itself: This durable Away {white} Jersey of the New Orleans features on of the great wide receivers of all times: Joe Horn. Be a fan; support the NFL Greats; remember the days of Joe Horn!
Ah yes, the great days of Joe Horn.  Translation: "We have hundreds of these damn things! Buy this crap already!"  It's already marked down from $60

NY Giants
Giants Magnetic Darts - $32.99
On Eli's version of this, 80% of this board is one big pac-man shaped section labeled "Throw to Burress"

Eagle Wine Bottle Carry Bag - $9.99
Thoughtfully cushions the blow when you take your bottle of MD 20/20 and smash it over the head of idiot in the row in front of you.

San Francisco
49ers Body Pillow - $39.99
The Niners need to get about fifty of these and duct tape them around Alex Smith.

Seahawks Fan Zone Floor Stand- $30.00
It comes with a flashing yellow light too.  They should sell one that says "Danger: Shaun Alexander Falling"

Look kids, it's a toy Issac Bruce!

St. Louis
Rams Musical, Illuminating, Movable Toy Dinosaur - $18.95
OK, I have to admit, I have a toddler and this would be pretty neat if I were a Rams fan.  It would certainly be more interesting to watch than the actual Rams.

Tampa Bay
Black 24 Piece Team Color Plastic Cutlery - $2.50
These don't have logos on them or anything, they're just black plastic forks and knives.  You can probably go to the local Piggly-Wiggly and buy them for less than half the price.  They're non-descript, overpriced and disposable -- just like the Bucs

Fight Song Regulator Clock - $74.99
Also counts down the time until Joe Gibbs is given the boot.