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MLB Rumors: The Yankees Are Very Serious Contenders For Johan Santana

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While I agree with the AL executive sourced for Jayson Stark's article yesterday, one cannot simply ignore the power and implications of the quotes in today's Newsday.  Kat O'Brien got these on Johan Santana straight from Hank Steinbrenner's mouth:

"There's still an outside chance that we get him.  We'll see. We've got to do things based on what we think is best. I think myself and [general manager] Brian [Cashman] are going back and forth. I think we're comfortable staying where we are, and I certainly think we'd be comfortable getting Santana, too."

What is Steinbrenner's definition of "we"?  Ms. O'Brien gets this from him:

"The decision is my decision.  It doesn't matter one way or another what somebody [GM Brian Cashman?]... you have to take advice, but ultimately, the owner has to make a decision."

Welcome to New York, Johan Santana!

That may be premature, but one can't help but wonder who is whispering in Hank's ear.  If reports are true about Brian Cashman's position on dealing Phil Hughes, then the eldest George Steinbrenner son is getting support from someone else.  Identifying that sycophant would be key to understanding the future front office moves.

My apologies.  That advisor may not be a sychophant.  I just concluded he would be given the Yankees' recent ability to say one thing publicly only to do the opposite a week later.  That kind of flip-flopping only comes about when one's advisors are not intertested in saying anything but what New Boss wants to hear.