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2008 Fantasy Baseball: 1B Rankings

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Using a ranking system that accounts for a players previous three season's of work and relates those efforts to those of his peers across the five fantasy baseball categories - HR, RBI, SB, R, AVG, I have come up with a ranking of 1B for 2008. Because I did not want diminish the purity of the calcuations, I instead added a "+/-" column to make some commentary on select listed players. You may agree or disagree, and I hope you do. Afterall, which ranking system will have Carlos Guillen as the 3rd best 1B going into the 2008 fantasy baseball drafts?

Does that make Guillen a sleeper or will this good performance get him taken during the run of second-tier SS at a non-sleeper time? FWIW, Guillen ranked no lower than 17th (HRs) amongst the 58 1B-eligibles I used (>130 ABs in 2007). He was 10th in RBI, 1st in SB, 9th in Runs and 7th in AVG. This system rewards those players who can do well in all five categories, and isn't that what every fantasy player tries to do when building a team?

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Pujols Albert   16 Swisher Nick   31 Hatteberg Scott  
2 Berkman Lance   17 Gonzalez Adrian   32 Gload Ross down
3 Guillen Carlos down 18 LaRoche Adam   33 Broussard Ben  
4 Lee Derrek   19 Jackson Conor   34 Garko Ryan  
5 Fielder Prince   20 Jacobs Mike   35 Kotchman Casey  
6 Teixeira Mark   21 Pena Carlos up 36 Thames Marcus  
7 Howard Ryan   22 Huff Aubrey   37 Lamb Mike  
8 Helton Todd   23 Millar Kevin   38 Loney James up up
9 Morneau Justin   24 Sexson Richie   39 Boone Aaron  
10 Delgado Carlos down 25 Wilkerson Brad   40 Gordon Alex up up
11 Youkilis Kevin   26 Loretta Mark   41 Klesko Ryan  
12 Konerko Paul   27 Stairs Matt   42 Conine Jeff  
13 Martinez Victor   28 Aurilia Rich   43 Hinske Eric  
14 Garciaparra Nomar down down 29 Young Dmitri   44 Johnson Dan  
15 Overbay Lyle   30 Casey Sean   45 Erstad Darin down