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Week Thirteen NFL Expected Scores

Here are the expected scores for Week Thirteen of the NFL based upon the point spread and Over/Under numbers. One can use this information to see how teams are expected to perform and use that information to determine who should start and who should sit.

Who would have thought an Eagles' team with A.J. Feeley at QB would be favored against a resurgent Seattle Seahawks team? Would the Eagles have been favored by much more with McNabb? I doubt it, and the the lines say others believe the same. This would make me conclude that the Eagles players would be expected to perform the same way they did with McNabb at the helm.

The Patriots are 20-point road favorites on Monday Night Football. That seems crazy, but a look at the expected score makes it seem reasonable. Maybe even too low because an expected final score of 34-14 seems to low for the Patriots and just right for the Ravens.

Favorite Underdog O/U Point Spread Expected Score
Giants* Bears 40.5 1.5 Giants* 21-20
Dolphins Jets 38 1 Dolphins 20-19
Rams Falcons 40.5 3 Rams 22-19
Redskins Bills 37 5.5 Redskins 21-16
Vikings Lions 45.5 4 Vikings 25-21
Titans Texans 42.5 3.5 Titans 23-20
Colts Jaguars 45 6.5 Colts 26-19
Chargers* Chiefs 37.5 6 Chargers* 22-16
Eagles Seahawks 41 3 Eagles 22-19
Panthers 49ers 35.5 3 Panthers 19-16
Saints Buccaneers 41.5 3.5 Saints 23-19
Cardinals Browns 51.5 0 Cardinals 26-26
Broncos* Raiders 42 3.5 Broncos* 23-19
Steelers Bengals 43.5 7 Steelers 25-18
Patriots* Ravens 48.5 20 Patriots* 34-14
* Road Favorite