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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana & Miguel Cabrera

With the Winter Meetings about to commence, here are some updates on the states of trade discussions/rumors for Johan Santana and Miguel Cabrera.  On the Johan Santana front, there appears to be more complete information than what had been peddled in the past couple weeks.  La Velle E. Neal III writes:

According to a person close to the Twins' negotiations, the club will take a hard line in trade talks involving Santana during this week's winter meetings in Nashville....The source said the Twins have made their demands clear to the Red Sox, Yankees and other clubs interested in Santana and they will not compromise...

John Harper of the Daily News fills-in a bit of the "demands" from the Yankees' perspective

...apparently what they want is another top-tier prospect from the Yankees, either pitcher Alan Horne or outfielder Austin Jackson, to go along with Hughes and center fielder Melky Cabrera....

Recall Peter Gammons hinted the Twins wanted Hughes, Cabrera and Jackson.  His source seems very good right now, doesn't it?

George King gets some info from an MLB source.  He writes: "[The Yankees] included Hughes late Friday night and are willing to put Cabrera in the deal with a second-tier minor leaguer.  But if the Twins come back and ask for something stupid, the Yankees have told them they are out of it."

Jack Curry of the NY Times  provides the list of prospects the Yankees will not add as the third piece.

According to two major league officials who have dealt with the Twins in recent days, the main issue holding up the deal is the third player the Yankees would give. The Yankees want the player to be a midlevel prospect, and the Twins are shooting higher....They have told the Twins that at least five other prospects are untouchable -- Dellin Betances, Alan Horne, Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and José Tabata.

Tony Jackson of the LA Daily news reports:

The Twins want three or four players from a pool that includes pitchers Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton, third baseman Andy LaRoche, outfielders Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp and top pitching prospect Clayton Kershaw. Even then, the Dodgers would have to give Santana an expensive, long-term contract extension to get him to waive his no-trade clause.

His fellow sports writer at the NY Post, George King, reports that "the Dodgers are still involed However, whispers that the Dodgers were quietly in the picture traveled through baseball yesterday, with the belief they have made an offer for Santana."

Finally, Buster Olney of reports the Red Sox will include Jacoby Elsbruy but at the cost of Jon Lester.  He also says the Yanks have given the Twins an expiration date of Tuesday.  Do the Twins prefer Ellsbury or do they prefer Phil Hughes with an already established CF in Melky Cabfrera?


On the Miguel Cabrera front, there is some new information and the refutation of a rumor earlier this week that the Dodgers turned down a Clayton Kershaw/Andre Ethier deal.  The same Tony Jackson of the LA Daily news reports

For Cabrera, the Marlins are asking for four players from a pool of Billingsley, Kershaw, Kemp, LaRoche and first baseman James Loney.

There was one Internet report last week that the Dodgers rejected a Twins proposal of Santana for Kershaw and Ethier, but a Dodgers source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, vehemently denied that claim. Fact is, had such a deal actually been made available, the Dodgers would have quickly jumped on it.

I heard the reponse was an R-rated one.

Despite being on the opposite coast Jack Curry also provides info on who the Dodgers will not include in a Miguel Cabrera deal.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Angels have solid prospects and high revenue, but the Dodgers will not trade first baseman James Loney or pitcher Clayton Kershaw


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