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Week Thirteen Football And Point Spreads Questions

My over-riding question as the NFL rounds into final quarter is which teams are going to pack it in for the season.  When they do, the skills players from the opposing teams become as sure things as professional athletes can be.

New York Giants at Chicago Bears (+1.5):

  •  Will the Giants focus on the running game to "protect" Eli Manning in a game with inclement weather?
  •  How does the other Adrian Peterson do?
New York Jets at Miami Dolphins (-1):
  •  How bad are the Jets to be underdogs to the Dolphins?  I could not imagine the team being underdogs if Chad Pennington was the QB.
  •  Does Beck continue to build on his first two weeks?  If he can't against the Jets, is it a cause for concern?
Atlanta Falcons at St Louis Rams (-3):
  •  Am I a fool to like the Falcon's skills players in this game?
  •  Will this be RB Stephen Jackson's signature 2007 game?
Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins (-5.5):
  •  How does the switch at QB affect Lee Evans?  Can RB Fred Jackson seamlessly replace Anthiny Thomas?
  •  Guess whose QB is shooting for his third consecutive 300+ yards passing game?
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings (-4):
  •  Will Calvin Johnson be the difference?
  •  How will this Adrian Peterson do?
Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans (-3.5):
  •  Can the Schaub/Johnson connection be re-established?  Will Ahman Green play/stay healthy the whole game?
  •  Has anyone seen the LenDale White who ran for 100+ yards in Weeks Seven, Eight and Nine?
Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts (-6.5):
  •  How do the Jags adjust to their 29-7 loss to the Colts in Week Seven?
  •  I have a hard time believing the Colts' team of Week Thirteen is 6.5 points better than the Jags.
San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs (+6):
  •  How can the Chargers be six-point road favorites especially after the Chiefs beat them 30-16 earlier this season?
  •  See what a home loss to the Raiders does to your image?
Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles (-3):
  •  Why are the Seahawks considered even at a neutral site with an AJ Feeley-led team?  Is the return of RB Shaun Alexander considered a negative?
  •  Will AJ Feeley repeat his surprisingly good effort against the Patriots or is it pumpkin time?
San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers (-3):
  •  Is there anyone who doesn't believe last week's 37 point effort was a fluke?  Can Frank Gore romp again?
  •  Is Carlonia the most uninteresting team in the NFL?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (-3.5):
  •  Does QB Luke McCown have what it takes to take advantage of the Saints' secondary and have a big game?
  •  This point spread says the Saint's offense can get the best of the Bucs' defense.  Or is it an indictment of the Bucs' offense?
Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals (Pick):
  •  Week 13 and the Browns are not road underdogs.  Who'd a thunk?
  •  Will QB Kurt Warner have the big game a Brown's secondary would indicate?
Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (+3.5):
  •  Will it be Selvin young, Travis Henry or Cecil Sapp gaining 100+ against the Raiders' run defense?
  •  Why isn't JaMarcus Russell getting some game time experience yet?
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7):
  •  Will Rudi Johnson have a second good game in a row to prove his is healthy?
  •  Hey, Willie Parker!  How about a TD?
New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens (+20):
  •  Is last week's close call against the Eagles a sign of vulnerability in the Pat's offense and defense?
  •  Even if it were, are the Ravens good enough to exploit it?