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MLB Rumors: Jayson Stark on Johan Santana

Jayson Stark reports that an AL executive wonders why the Mets are perceived as less likely to land Johan Santana.  Two reasons given by this executive why the Mets make sense.

First, 19-year-old AA OF Fernando Martinez has a higher celing than the Red Sox's 24-year-old OF Jacoby Ellsbury, and, second, the Twins will never need to be worried about losing to Johan Santana until the World Series - if his NL team makes it that far.

I can't say I disagree with the second reason, and the first seems plausible.

Mr. Stark also offers up some gossip about the Yankees.  He writes there is a potential tug-of-war going on over Phil Hughes.  GM Brian Cashman wants to keep him while Hank Steinbrenner wants to include him in a Santana trade.  A source tells Stark that Steinbrenner is "moving towards" including Hughes.

I wonder how important the third player that has been rumored to be the sticking point actually is.  This latest info implies the Yanks haven't settled on the main piece much less a third quality prospect.  I can't help thinking that third one is less important than we have previously been led to believe.  I'm guessing SS Alberto Gonzalez and RP Kevin Whelan could get things done once the Hughes inclusion is firm.