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MLB Rumors: Erik Bedard and The New York Mets

With rumors the Mariners are about to sign Carlso Silva to Ted Lilly money (4YR/$44MM), the Seattle Times reports the Mariners will continue to pursue an Erik Bedard trade that "would likely involve outfielder Adam Jones and a couple of other higher-grade prospects or players."

The Silva signing also removes a prospect-free option for the Mets to address their rotation.  The question is how much the Mets want to add a dependable pitcher to a rotation led by John Maine, Oliver Perez and Pedro Martinez.  With the new Citi Field opening in 2009, the Mets should seriously consider whether those new seats will be filled more ably by Johan Santana or Erik Bedard or Carlos Gomez/Fernando Martinez/Kevin Mulvey/Mike Pelfrey.