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MLB Rumors: A Johan Santana Update And A Little Jed Lowrie

Finally!  Some news out of Boston about Johan Santana.  The Boston Globe reports their is no sense of urgency on the Red Sox's part to get a deal done with the Twins.  No kidding.  However, Gordon Edes does offer this from a major league source with direct connections to a team in the Santana sweepstakes, "My sense of it is that nothing will happen in the near-term."

This contradicts Twins' reporter Joe Christensen, who gets the sense this situation will be wrapped up by Christmas.  La Velle E. Neal III doesn't confirm the Xmas deadline, but did receive assurances the Twins and Red Sox are still talking.  

The Twins may want to move quickly given the prospect reports are coming out on Jed Lowrie, and they are glowing.  John Sickels of Minor League Ball rates Lowrie an "A-", and Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus rated him a four-star out of a possible five.  Baseball America will release their top Red Sox prospects on January 4th.  At that point, the national media will begin to tout Lowrie, and this will work against the Twins.