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2008 Fantasy Baseball Catchers Rankings

Here is a list of catchers based on the weighting of the past three seasons with the most recent contributing 60%, 2006 at 30% and 2005 at 10%. Each player then has his score in each of the five traditional fantasy baseball categories ranked relative to his position peers and averaged to arrive at a composite score - the lower the better.

I did not change where some players ended, but I could not leave catchers like Jarrod Saltalamacchia behind so many mediocrities. So I added an "up" or "down" to some of those whose ranking looks to change significantly in 2008.

Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Rank Player +/-
1 Posada Jorge
2 Martin Russell up
3 Mauer Joe
4 Martinez Victor
5 McCann Brian
6 Rodriguez Ivan
7 Varitek Jason
8 Lo Duca Paul
9 Hernandez Ramon
10 Johjima Kenji
11 Molina Bengie
12 Pierzynski A.J.
13 Olivo Miguel down
14 Paulino Ronny
15 Barrett Michael down
16 Estrada Johnny
17 Kendall Jason
18 Zaun Gregg
19 Laird Gerald
20 Torrealba Yorvit
21 Bard Josh up
22 Buck John
23 Navarro Dioner up
24 Schneider Brian
25 Napoli Mike
26 Molina Yadier
27 Ruiz Carlos up
28 Ausmus Brad down down
29 Ross David up
30 Valentin Javier
31 Snyder Chris
32 Miller Damian
33 Castro Ramon up
34 Redmond Mike
35 Saltalamacchia Jarrod up up up
36 LaRue Jason
37 Molina Jose
38 Suzuki Kurt up up
39 Shoppach Kelly up
40 Bowen Rob
41 Montero Miguel up
42 Bennett Gary
43 Iannetta Chris up
44 Treanor Matt
45 Flores Jesus
46 Rabelo Mike up
47 Mathis Jeff up
48 Phillips Jason
49 Munson Eric