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Early Morning MLB Rumor Hints

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This morning's Daily News in New York reports both the Yankees and Mets have expressed interest in SP Mark Prior.  While the Yankees landing Prior almost 10 years after drafting him 43rd overall in 1998 would be notable, I am more curious about what Prior's agent said.

The Yankees' potential interest is "always exciting," Boggs said. "But I want to caution you that we've only had preliminary talks. Things can change. They're back in (trade talks for Johan) Santana, aren't they?

This implies that even the agents for other players are on hold as the baseball world awaits the  conclusion of the Johan Santana Sweepstakes.


After signing Japanese starer Hiroki Kurodu, Dodgers will turn their attention to signing a releiver and back-up catcher, according to the LA Times.  In other words, the Dodgers are done making any major headlines this off-season.


Are the Orioles going to trade Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts?  I can't say, but Orioles' GM Andy MacPhail send a renewal letter to season ticket holders of a price increase and talked "glowingly about the young nucleus of the team, which includes Nick Markakis, Jeremy Guthrie, Adam Loewen and up-and-coming catcher Matt Wieters while tellingly making no mention of Roberts, Erik Bedard or any of the other veterans the team is hoping to move in the next few weeks," according to the Baltimore Sun.

One can easily conclude MacPhail is, at a minimum, hedging his bets.