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What Happened - Week 14: Justin Fargas, Tony Romo, Michael Spurlock

  • History was made yesterday as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally ran a kickoff back for a touchdown, the first time that has happened in the 32 years of the franchise.  The honor goes to wide receiver Michael Spurlock, who has really come a long way since making that "Super Size Me" movie.
  • When fantasy football and real football collide: Brian Westbrook's heads-up play of stopping on the 1 yard line guaranteed the Eagles a victory, but it ABSOLUTELY FREAKING KILLED thousands of fantasy owners.  Un-^&%$ing-believable!!
  • NFL starting quarterbacks this week included Todd Collins, Chris Redman, Matt Moore and Shaun Hill.  Even more amazing, all of them except Redman won.  At this point fantasy football teams should have 10 bench spots reserved just for quarterbacks.
  • I would be a rich man if I could figure out what causes Tony Romo to turn into a pumpkin like that.  Kryptonite?  Axe Body Spray?  Cheesesteaks?  What is it?
  • Detroit rushed 9 times for 26 yards yesterday.  The Lions are now last in the league with 275 rushing attempts, a number that's almost 10% lower than the next worst team (San Francisco).
  • Things that have been sighted but many people don't believe exist: Bigfoot, UFOs, Images of the Virgin Mary, JaMarcus Russell
  • Justin Fargas went over 1000 yards rushing for the season this weekend.   I'll just let that soak in for a while.
  • I'm not sure how this happened, but the Jacksonville Jaguars have the fifth best record in the league.  And they're probably going to end up as a wild card.
  • I was knocked out the playoffs in my money league primarily because my QB-RB1 combo (Brett Favre and Brian Westbrook) was outperformed by my opponents' combo (Kurt Warner and Aaron Stecker).  Seriously, Kurt Warner and Aaron Stecker.  Grrr...
  • And finally - Dolphins Win!  Dolphins Win! Dolphins Win!