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Week Fifteen Fantasy Football Play-Offs: Stephania Bell's Injury Updates

Stephania Bell, ESPN's fantasy sports injury expert has posted her assessmnet of some players and their chances of playing this weekend who are not already listed as "Out" for Sunday.

  •  Willis McGahee:  Participated fully in practice Thursday and Friday.  Good to go against the weak Miami defense
  •  Kenton Keith:  Also participated fully in practice Thursday and Friday.  While no one should be starting him, he could steal some thunder from Joseph Addai.
  •  Ben Roethlisberger:  This one scares me.  He was shut down this week with a sore throwing shoulder.  Ms.  Bell writes he returned to practice on Friday but did not look good.  From the Florida Times-Union, Big Ben "...appeared to favor the right shoulder and throw with a semi-sidearm motion."  He will be a GTD but no one knows how his arm will hold-up.  A tough Jacksonville defense, rain, snow and 25 MPH winds with gusts to 50 on Sunday make this a scary start with the fantasy season on the line.
From Stephania Bell's Friday update, we get more information.
  •  Marshawn Lynch:  Not listed on injury report.  Expect him to carry a little bit more of the backfield burden.
  •  Kolby Smith:  Particpated fully in practice.  Good to go.
  •  Jesse Chatman:  Still listed as questionable, but he says he is going to play.  Risk your fantasy season on that?
  •  Marc Bulger:  No post-concussion symptoms were reported this week.  Coach Scott Linhan declared him the satrter
  •  Roddy White:  Uh-oh.  One of 2007's breakthrough players showed up on the injury nreport after no news following Monday's game.  No practice on Thursday and limited participation on Friday.  He is questionable for Sunday and a risky start "given that the nature of his injury is unknown."
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