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Week Fifteen Fantasy Football and Point Spread Questions and Expected Scores

This week's "Football and Point Spreads Questions" is being combined with the "Expected Scores" article due to the constraints of time and weather. The Northeastern and Eastern seaboard are going to deal with 25+ MPH winds and/or various forms of precipitation. With fantasy studs like Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow, and Ben Roethlisberger involved in those games, some fantasy teams may feel screwed at the most important time of the year.

I know I am hoping the team I play in the play-offs this week experiences it. He has ridden Tom Brady, Wes Welker and the Patriots Defense to the highest points total of the season. One bad week of stats coming in the fantasy play-offs is what I expect every year. I just hope to be on the postive end of that kind of development.

Some notable lines questions include the Bears and Vikings. This opened with the Vikings as seven-point favorites and has moved to a ten-point spread. The Vikings have been on fire the past few weeks, but does a Tavris Jackson-led offense deserve that kind of respect against an intra-division rival?

The Patriots opened as 27-point favorites. If it had held, it would have set the record. However, the weather looks to be conspiring against the Patriots in a game that a few weeks ago looked like a potential slaughter. Here's to hoping the 2006 genius of Jets' head coach Eric Mangini finally makes an appearance in 2007 and staves off the growing popularity of his current nickname, "Man-gina".

The Buccaneers are 12.5-point favorites against the Atlanta Falcons. I am not sure the Bucs offense can be relied upon to score the points necessary to cover a spread like that. If the Falcons play with any sort of inspiration after the quitting of head coach Bobby Petrino, I can't see the Bucs scoring enough points to offset 14 points from the Falcons. Why do I think the Falcons may try harder? RB Warrick Dunn went public and called Petrino "classless." That signals a rotten locker room, and one that is bad due to the head coach's presence.

Favorite Underdog O/U Point Spread Expected Score
Giants Redskins 36 4.5 Giants 20-16
Saints Cardinals 48 4 Saints 26-22
Buccaneers Falcons 38.5 12.5 Buccaneers 26-13
Ravens* Dolphins 37.5 3 Ravens* 20-17
Browns Bills 40 5.5 Browns 23-17
Packers* Rams 45 8 Packers* 27-19
Steelers Jaguars 36 3.5 Steelers 20-16
Patriots Jets 44 22.5 Patriots 33-11
Seahawks* Panthers 37 7.5 Seahawks* 22-15
Titans* Chiefs 34 3.5 Titans* 19-15
Colts* Raiders 45 10 Colts* 28-18
Chargers Lions 45.5 10 Chargers 28-18
Cowboys Eagles 48.5 10.5 Cowboys 30-19
Vikings Bears 43 10 Vikings 27-17