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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana Traded By Christmas

Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune guesses the trade market for Johan Santana will be settled once Hiroki Kuroda finally signs and firms-up the possible suitors for Santana. The Yankees, Red Sox and Mariners would be the ones left standing.

He has heard the Yankees are only waiting on moving Hideki Matsui before seriously jumping back into the Johan Santana sweepstakes, and guesses the loser in the Geoff Jenkins Derby, either the Phillies or Padres, would be good fits for Matsui.

Once that settles, then the Yanks will recognize the Orioles will not deal Erik Bedard to either of its AL East rivals and make a concerted push to acquire Santana rather than see him go to Boston. A happy side note of this logic for Mariners' fans is Erik Bedard would have no suitor but Seatle.

All this leads to the news all baseball fans want to know. When will Santana be traded? To quote Mr. Christensen, "[The Twins] will take their best offer, with the whole thing settled by Christmas."

My question is then the price. While the Twins will know which teams remain in competition for Santana's services, so will those teams. There will be no more leverage for the Twins to employ. If neither AL East powerhouse blinks and improves their offers, then the Twins lose.

Is it possible the Yankees and Red Sox reduce their offers at that point?