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Vegas Says - Week 14

It becomes harder and harder to glean fantasy football information from the Vegas odds as the season goes on.  Starters get injured, unknown replacements take on important roles, players are benched for teams that have clinched the playoffs or are out of contention.  Still, Vegas tends to have the best view of the games around.  So let's see what they have to say.

All odds are for entertainment purposes only.  This article is not designed to provide gambling information.  If you live in a place where sports gambling is illegal, please don't do it.  I don't think Vegas is taking odds on professional bass fishing yet, but it's only a matter of time.
All odds are from  The home team is listed first.

Saints (-3.5) vs Cardinals - This has a lot of fantasy impact for a game between two teams that probably aren't going to the playoffs.  A lot of people are counting on guys like Brees, Stecker, Fitzgerald and even Warner this week.  The Saints are a slight favorite which looks good for Stecker and Brees owners, and the over/under is high 48 which looks good for Fitzgerald and Warner owners.  

Cowboys (-10) vs Eagles -- Despite the fact that the Cowboys barely escaped the Lions last week, they're huge favorites over the Eagles.  Some sportsbooks have the Cowboys as high as 11.5 pt favorites, so it should be a great playoff week for your Cowboys.  The Eagles may be throwing the ball a lot if they get behind, so guys like Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis may have good weeks.

Chiefs (+4) vs Titans -- Somebody has to score in this game, don't they?   Well, no, they don't.  And Vegas doesn't think they will with a low over/under of only 34 points.  If you're counting on Dwayne Bowe or Tony Gonzalez this week you may be in trouble.