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The Amazing Houston Texans

At the beginning of the season, people wondered if the Texans could finally start moving towards playoff contention.  With a new coach, a new quarterback and a hungry young defense, the Texans seemed to have a bright future.  In a few years, they could be wild card contenders. For 2007 though, topping the .500 mark would be a big step.

Fast forward to Week 15 of the season.  The Texans finish off a workmanlike 31-13 victory over the Broncos to go 7-7.  They did it with Sage Rosenfels at QB and a combination of backup Ron Dayne and undrafted rookie Darius Walker at running back.  They're 1 1/2 games out of a playoff spot right now.

If Schaub could stay healthy, if Andre Johnson could stay healthy, if they could find a real live running back ... this team has loads of potential.  

Other than Andre Johnson, pretty much every fantasy projection for this team has been flat wrong.