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MLB Rumors: What Now In Baltimore and Jason Bay

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Today is going to be a day filled with steroids talk as Senator George Mitchell releases his report on steroids use in the sport of baseball. This is already reflected in this morning's newspapers to the near-exclusion of trade rumors despite Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling opining he believes Johan Santana will be a team member when all is said and done. Whether that is more important is to be determined. Here are a couple of trade rumors anyhow.

Peter Schmuck warns/offers hope to many by writing:

Don't be surprised if pitching ace Erik Bedard is headed to the Los Angeles Dodgers or Seattle Mariners between now and the start of spring training. Don't be surprised if the Orioles give away Melvin Mora and Jay Payton or even pay someone to take them. Don't even be surprised if the Orioles pay a couple of other veteran players big bucks to stay home.

Jeff Zrebiec hopes the Cubs' signing of Kusoke Fukudome will make the team more willing to give-up young OF prospects in a Brian Roberts package. If the Orioles could get Felix Pie and 2B Eric Patterson in a Roberts trade, one would have to begin considering GM Andy MacPhail as GM of the year. Adding a package like that to the one the team received from the Astros for Tejada will quickly rebuild the team's propsect base.

With C Matt Weiters on the fast track, the Orioles, at the very least, will have a team salary structure in line with its W-L record. Given all three of the pitchers who the team acquired are out of options, expect to see them amongst the eleven pitchers who break camp at the end of March.


Dejan Kovacevic Rates OFers Jason Bay and Xavier Nady as the Pirates' best avenues for improvement via the trade route. However, a high-ranking offical with the Pirates says that there have been no recent talks with the Padres despite yesterday's reports of a multi-player trade with the Padres. And Padres' GM Kevin Towers is adamant that top prospect, 3B Chase Headley, isn't going anywhere.