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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana and Dan Haren

Michael Silverman reports the Red Sox are not expected to make any changes to the proposals on the table. This makes a ton of sense as there are no other teams willing to budge of their own offers. Why go all Yankees-and-ARod and bid against themselves?

The Mets appear to be the team willing to budge. With a news stadium opening, the team could use the marqee value of Santana to sell what are likely to be more expensive tickets and concessions. Does anyone but the Mets believe the group of prospects they have reportedly made available matches-up to those of the Red Sox or Yankees? Certainly not SS Jose Reyes, who seems in favor of doing what it takes to get Johan in Flushing. From this morning's Daily News:

"We need another starting pitcher," Reyes said. "(Tom) Glavine's gone. We need another one, no doubt. If we can get Santana, whoa! That would be huge. You have to think about (trading young prospects). Santana is still young too. Let's see what happens. Our team with Santana? Whew!"

The Mets could address their starting pitching by trading for the Cubs' Jason Marquis, who bring a penny-wise/pound-foolish alternative to filling their rotation holes. And the Daily News says all the team would have to deal was Endy Chavez. Of course, the writer opines that'd be too much. Right, a 4th OF for a veteran pitcher is too steep a price to pay.

All the local NY papers are running articles relating from Mets' management that the team's current ensemble of pitchers is good enough to win without adding Santana. Seems to be as much public relations as truth. Good luck with that.


Susan Slusser writes the A's are interested in Indians' 2B Asdrubal Cabrera as the centerpiece in a Dan Haren trade, but, she believes, the Indians are unlikely to give-up the young middle infielder who was stolen from the Seattle Mariners two years ago in the Eduardo Perez deal.

It is that deal that keeps the Mariners' in the back of mind as players in the sweepstakes for either Johan Santana or Dan Haren. M's GM Bill Bavasi has traded prospects for veterans previously. Also recall these trades - Jose Vidro for Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto and Ben Broussard for Shin-Soo Choo.

The question is whether those minor veterans will be lessons learned when it comes to in-their-prime All-Stars.