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Fake Teams Reader League Playoffs!

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With the end of the regular season, the Fake Teams Reader League is heading to the playoffs with four skilled fantasy owners, none of whom are me.

The first game features Steve Godzecki's Steve's Staleys (11-3) vs Steven Hinz's Hinz57ers (9-5). The Staleys feature Addai, Roethlisberger and the surprising Bucs Defense while the 57ers have a well-rounded team featuring Drew Brees, Willie Parker and Braylon Edwards

The second game pits Chris Coleman's The Sons of Disaster (10-3-1) against Ryan Butler's Tim Donaghy's Kneecaps (9-4-1).  The Sons rely heavily on their WRs -- Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne -- while the Kneecaps lean on their RB combo of Jamal Lewis and Willis McGahee.  It should be a good matchup.

The two winners meet in the Championship Game next week, with the winner getting a fabulous (or at least sorta nice) football prize.

Good luck!