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What Happened Week 14: Ryan Grant, Trent Edwards, Adrian Peterson

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  • Peyton Manning completed 4 passes for touchdowns yesterday and another nine passes not for touchdowns.  That's a 30.7% touchdown percentage.  Very efficient.
  • The Chiefs had 17 carries for 16 yards yesterday.   Take away the longest run of the day and it was 16 carries for nine yards.  But hey, Tony Gonzalez had a good day.
  • I realize nobody other than fantasy football owners may have noticed, and nobody else probably cares, but Laurence Maroney sucks.
  • Adrian Peterson (the good one, not the Chicago one) had 14 carries for three yards.  Take away his longest run of the day and he finished with 13 carries for -1 yards.  That happened against the Forty Niners.  I'm guessing that game film is being requested by more than a few teams this afternoon.
  • If Shaun Alexander doesn't retire or get traded, figuring out how Alexander and Morris will split carries will be one of fantasy football's biggest questions heading into the 2008 season.
  • It's hard to believe the Panthers were a trendy pre-season pick to go to the Super Bowl.  There is nobody on that squad you can trust during the fantasy playoffs.  Every aspect of that team needs major help.  Even their kicker isn't any good.
  • A tale of two rookies:  The Dolphins bench QB John Beck after an ugly fumble and watch Cleo Lemon cough up a hairball.  The Bills stick with QB Trent Edwards and get an efficient 165 passing yard, 4 touchdown performance.  Yes, it was only one game, and yes it was against the Dolphins, but I think we've seen the last of JP Losman for a while.  It wouldn't surprise me if Losman had a Kitna-like return in a few years though.
  • The 2004 Notre Dame Fighting Irish had five guys taken in the NFL Draft, starting with 2nd round pick Julius Jones.  Fantasy-wise, all five of them aren't worth one guy from that team who went undrafted: Ryan Grant.  
  • Do you hear that sound?  Shhh, listen!  (Bong.........bong.......bong....) It's midnight of the fantasy football season!  Time for Vince Young to turn back into a pumpkin.  A 121-yard, 0-TD, 2-INT pumpkin.  Were you one of the many owners counting on him for a critical win?   Sorry, it was all just a fairy tale.