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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana To The Yankees

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In New York, the headline news is the Yankees have decided to include Phil Hughes in a Santana offer.  This is surprising given everyone already assumed he was the lead piece in any offer.  According to Daily News, "...the club finally agreed to put Hughes in a package that includes center fielder Melky Cabrera and at least one other lesser pitching prospect still to be negotiated, as of Friday night. And by doing so they believe they are the front-runners to land Santana, the two-time Cy Young winner."

The paper also reports the Dodgers are out of the Santana race because the team does not want to pay the extension despite the Twins seeking just two of these three players - Clayton kershaw, Jonathan Broxton or James Loney.  Why the Twins want a 1B instead of Kemp goes unquestioned?

The New York Post writes "Ideally, the Yankees would like to keep the package to Hughes and Cabrera, but they may have to add a third name to the deal. Sources say it won't be pitcher Ian Kennedy."  This seems unlikely - the just Hughes and Cabrera part, because the rumored four-player offer from the Red Sox would be much better given the extra two players.

In Boston, the Boston Herald reports that a major league source told then that the inclusion of Hughes is enough to make the trade happen between the Twins and Yankees, and, if the Red Sox included Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury, they could get him.  However, it is written that the "Red Sox are extremely reluctant, if not vehemently opposed, to part with both."

Sean Adams of the Providence Journal reports a deal could be completed by the start of Monday's Winter Meetings in Nashville now that the Yankees will include Phil Hughes

From Minnesota, La Velle E. Neal III writes:

In the case of the Red Sox, indications are the Twins will not agree to a deal that includes center fielder Coco Crisp instead of hot prospect Jacoby Ellsbury. They'd work on a Crisp deal separately but prefer Ellsbury and either righthander Clay Buchholz or lefthander Jon Lester as part of a four-player package. Other prospects mentioned in talks with Boston include shortstop Jed Lowrie, outfielder Brandon Moss and righthanders Michael Bowden and Justin Masterson.

The Yankees would raise the stakes if they package Hughes, righthander Ian Kennedy and outfielder Melky Cabrera. The Twins had not received that offer as of Friday afternoon.

Regardless of the offer, Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson is quotes in this morning's Pioneer Press as saying he believes discussions have gone too far for the team to turn back on dealing Santana.

The paper also mentions that Coco Crisp's agent confirmed there have been a couple of scenario's involving Crisp and concludes that means there have been discussions of a trade that does not involve Santana.