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MLB Rumors: Miguel Cabrera

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This past week's developments on the Miguel Cabrera Trade Front involved two potential trading partners claiming the Marlins are not dealing in good faith (Arte Moreno of the Angels and Brian Sabean of the Giants) with one of them claiming the Marlins treated a third potential partner, the Dodgers, the same way.

Jayson Stark reports the Angels and Marlins are at a stalemate that has the Angels telling the Marlins to approach them if a trade for Miguel Cabrera is to occur.  He says two players from the Angels have been agreed upon by both sides - 2B Howie Kendrick and C Jeff Mathis.  The sticking point, irrational sticking point from the Angels' POV, is the inclusion of two of these three pitchers - Ervin Santana, joe Saunders and Nick Adenhart, without altering the hitting pieces.


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