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Miguel Cabrera To The Angels?

As the Yankees refused to meet the price of 3B Miguel Cabrera, the Angels appear to be stepping-in.  Bill Shaiken of the LA Times writes:

The Florida Marlins want the Angels to include second baseman Howie Kendrick in any trade package for third baseman Miguel Cabrera, raising the possibility that the Angels might respond by asking for permission to negotiate with Cabrera and making their best trade offer contingent on reaching a contract extension with him.

The Marlins could ask the Angels for Kendrick and their top two prospects, third baseman Brandon Wood and pitcher Nick Adenhart. With Kendrick in the deal, the Marlins would get the Angels' best young hitter to go along with two players who might not break camp with Florida or might struggle if they do.

I am not sure the change in general manger philospohy changed that much with the resignation of Bill Stoneman, but I am going to play Charlie Brown again this off-season and hope to see the Angels parlay their well-regarded prospects into actual productive major league players instead of playing my Lucy.

There was another interesting line in Shaiken's article.

General Manager Ned Colletti would not discuss Cabrera in particular but indicated he could do a deal without such a window.

The italics are mine.  I do wonder what price Coletti would extract for the position not to negotiate with Cabrera prior to dealing for him.  I also wonder why any team would risk Cabrera eating himself to 1B after signing him to a long-term extension that does not begin until the 2010 season.