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Looking Behind Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch is having a solid rookie season so far.  He's fourth in the league with 690 rushing yards though his 3.9 yards per carry average is below average for a top running back.  His five rushing touchdowns have been one of the better totals of year so  far, believe it or not.  All together, Lynch has been one of the most dependable running backs in fantasy football this season.

Now what happens if he gets hurt?

It seems as though backups for other "dependable" running backs are already on the fantasy radar.   Owners are ready for Najeh Davenport, Michael Turner or Kenton Keith to take over for their teams - it wouldn't be surprising if all three of those guys are already on rosters in your fantasy league.  But who is the backup for Marshawn Lynch?

It's actually Anthony Thomas, an uninspiring backup now in his 7th NFL season. Thomas started two games for Willis McGahee last season including an impressive 108 yard performance against Indy.  Thomas hasn't had much work since then though, and only has 12 yards on 8 carries in 2007.

With JP Losman and Lee Evans breathing a little bit of life into the Bills passing game things are looking up for Buffalo.  Thomas is no Marshawn Lynch (or the Bills wouldn't have drafted Lynch) but he's good enough to be a fantasy starter on your team if Lynch were to go down.   If you have an extra roster spot, consider grabbing Thomas now.  You never know what can happen to your best-laid fantasy RB plans.