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Musical 3Bs - Alex Rodgriuez, Miguel Cabera, Miguel Tejeda & Mike Lowell

He's got one on the line.  Scott Boras has a GM repeating his talking points. is reporting the Angels have met with him about free agent Alex Rodriguez and writes:

[Angels' GM Tony] Reagins said if talks progressed, the Angels would welcome a chance to speak with Rodriguez. Reagins acknowledged marketing, as well as baseball skills, would play a role in a decision to sign A-Rod.

"In this day and age, I think that is a part of it,'' he said.

All Boras needs is the Mets interest to in Alex Rodriguez be serious, and he will have two GMs to play off each other.  Throw-in the seemingly always-present "other" team Boras has, and ARod may get to $300MM.  Personally, I don't put a lot of credence in the $350MM he wanted to Yankees to discuss because I believe that was Boras' walkaway number  - the one that would keep ARod from talking to other clubs.

In other 3B news, and this off-season so far seems to be all about the 3B, the Baltimore Sun reports the Yankees have some interest in acquiring Migual Tejada to play 3B, according to an industry source.  Another of writer Jeff Zrebiec's industry sources tells him Miguel Cabrera is the Yankees' #1 choice to replace Alex Rodriguez.

Given the Daily News reports everyone wants in on the Miguel Cabrera sweepstakes.  I'm not so sure the Yanks can get Cabrera.  If Zrebiec's source is correct, then the universally-reported statement of Hank Steinbrenner that the Yankees won't even deal Ian Kennedy would leave their pursuit of Cabrera fruitless. No way the Yanks land Cabrera if there is a competitive market for his services.

As for the Mike Lowell option, Kevin Davidoff of Newsdayreports the Yankees have resigned themselves to addressing their open 3B job via the trade market because World Series MVP Mike Lowell appears determined to remain with the Red Sox.  Yankees' GM Brian Cashman says, "I personally believe the player's preference would be to stay in Boston.  I believe that's probably accurate."

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