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What The ^%$! Happened? -- Week 9

  • You want to know what the greatest statistical performance of the week was?  No, not Adrian Peterson.  I've seen guys run for big yardage totals before and so have you.   It was Jets LB David Harris, who had an unbelievable 20 solo tackles yesterday against the Redskins.  I have never heard of anybody having a performance even close to that.  Ever.  Anybody who plays in an IDP league has to be shocked and awed at that.
  • Michael Robinson, who was a Heisman Finalist as a college quarterback, had a nice 17 carry, 61 yard day filling in for the injured Frank Gore.  He split time with Maurice Hicks (who had a nice day as well) but showed that he could move the ball.  He's somebody to keep in mind for the future, especially if (when?) the Niners decide to split carries.
  • Chester Taylor had a nice day with 9 carries for 60 yards and a touchdown.  Hello?  Chester Taylor over here!  Hello?
  • Mike Williams was cut the Raiders this week, likely the last we'll ever see of 2005's #10 overall draft pick.  The Lions took Williams over DeMarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman that year, but Williams isn't even the Lions' worst pick. That "honor" goes to Charles Rogers, the #2 overall pick in 2004.  I can't even go into the list of guys the Lions passed on to draft Rogers.  Considering how well the Lions are playing right now, can you imagine if they also had (for example) DeMarcus Ware and Kevin Williams on their defense?  
  • The Lions, Browns and Titans are a combined 17-7.    The Eagles, Broncos and Jets are a combined 7-18.   I didn't see that coming.
  • Welcome Back J.P. Losman.  I wonder how much of that was the horrible Cincy pass defense.  I suspect a lot of it was due to that. We'll find out next week against Miami.  Wait, no we won't.  We'll find out the week after against New England.
  • It infuriates me that Warrick Dunn had a good day yesterday with 27 carries for 101 yards and a touchdown.  Not because I hate the Falcons (or Dunn) but because now it's even LESS likely that Jerious Norwood will take over as the #1 RB.  Norwood finished  with 6 carries for 39 yards.  For the season he has 311 yards on only 53 carries, an average of 5.9 yards per carry.  I know I sound like a broken record, but why wasn't he getting more work?
  • Ron Dayne and Justin Fargas combined for 226 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns this week.  Seriously, why did I even bother drafting running backs this year?  I should've punted running backs, spent my first three picks on Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Braylon Edwards and then just picked up whatever was left.