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Alex Rodriguez To The Mets?

This morning's New York papers report Mets GM Omar Minaya has not yet met with Alex Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras.  However, that is expected to change.  Adam Rubin of the Daily News writes that that Omar Minaya has scheduled an appointment with Scott Boras to discuss what the team would have to offer to make ARod a Met before the end of the Gm Meetings on Thursday.

While the Mets would have position issues to address if it signed ARod, the team also has a television station (Sportsnet NY) Scott Boras has used in his $350+MM estimations of ARod's total value to a franchise.  The team is also opening a brand new stadium in 2009 - CitiField.  This is another talking point for Boras.  He can sell ARod as the marquee player needed to fill all those luxury boxes and sell all those $8 hot dogs and $10 beers.

In other New York baseball news, the Dailey News also reports that free agent catcher Jorge Posada is looking for a four-year contract.  While that seems agressive for a 36-year-old catcher, Posada would likely offer quality ABs in the last couple years of the contract thanks to his ability to take walks and to switch-hit.  Whether he would continue to display those skills as a catcher, DH or 1B is yet to be determined.

Another piece of the Yankee dynasty has decided to not to return for 2008.  By failing to exercise his player option for $16MM, LHP Andy Pettitte appears on the verge of retirement given he has stated he will only do that or play for the Yankees next season.  At 35-years-old, he is seemingly leaving 5+ quality seasons on the field if he decides to permanently retire.  I wish him well if he can do it.  He has always been the consumate professional.

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