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Scraping the Barrel

My money league is a 12 team league with 2 RB slots and a flex slot that can be filled with an RB, WR or TE.  That's a maximum of 3 RBs that can be started at any time.  Nothing unusual there.

As I comb the waiver wire looking for an RB better than Ladell Betts (A 5th round pick! Grrr!) I realize that the following possibly barely usable RBs are already on somebody's roster:

  • Priest Holmes, Kansas City
  • Maurice Morris, Seattle
  • Maurice Hicks, San Francisco
  • Adimchinobe Echemandu, Houston (Ok, he's on my roster.  How sick is that?)
  • Kevin Faulk, New England
  • Kenny Watson, Cincinnati
  • Jason Wright, Cleveland
Now that's scraping the barrel.  If any of those guys are available on your waiver wire, they could be decent options to stash away - starting with the guys at the top of the list.  

A few RBs are available in the league and these will be the guys that go in the first round of waivers. Unless you're in an RB-insane league like mine, these guys are only for fantasy owners that are feeling really lucky:

  • Michael Robinson, San Francisco
  • Musa Smith, Baltimore
  • Kolby Smith, Kansas City
  • Ovie Mughelli, Atlanta