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Baseball Prospectus' Top 11 Boston Red Sox Prospects

Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein has his Top 11 Boston Red Sox Prospects up. There is no surprise with the top two players, but sinkerballer Justin Materson at #3 may be more eyebrow raising. He struck out 115 in 153.2 innings of work between AA and AAA. That is not the ratio I normally associate with major league success

However, I suspect the high-profile success of the Yankees' Chien-Ming Wang and the Indians Fausto Carmona has made the groundball-inducing pitching prospect a more attractive option for long-term success.

I do wonder if this is the discovery of a new market inefficiency or a mistake of using the success of a non-representative sample to make an incorrect valuation.

1 Clay Buchholz RHP
2 Jacoby Ellsbury CF
3 Justin Masterson RHP
4 Jed Lowrie SS
5 Ryan Kalish OF
6 Michael Bowden RHP
7 Lars Anderson 1B
8 Nick Hagadone RHP
9 Oscar Tejeda SS
10 Josh Reddick OF
11 Che-Husan Lin OF