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GM Meetings - Trade Rumors & Possibilities

The GM Meetings kick-off today.  While most of the baseball world focuses on Alex Rodriguez, there exists the possibility of some under-the-radar deals getting done or having their groundwork laid for later in the winter.  Here are a few trade rumors from this past weekend.

  • NY Daily News:Will the Yankees deal Damon?    GM Brian Cashman said Melky Cabrera is the starting CF. This leaves the $13MM Damon in a LF/DH role.  With 3B freed-up, could Damon end-up in the Texas OF for Hank Blalock?
  • SD Union Tribune reported the Padres will look to fill their CF hole following the free agent departure of Mike Cameron via trade.  The most obvious candidate would be Boston's Coco Crisp.
  • Chicago Tribune White Sox GM says Josh Fields' 2008 position soon to be settled.  This leads one to guess that it will be 3B if the Chisox can deal 3B Joe Crede.  A Johnny-Damon-for-Joe-Crede seems very reasonable.  The Yankees need a 3B and the White Sox can put Damon in LF and put Fields at 3B.
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