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Week Nine Thoughts? Adrian Peterson and The New England Patriots

Minnesota Vikings' rookie RB Adrian Peterson ripped the San Diego Charger defense for 296 yards and three TDs. The was the single-game rushing record! His totals through eight games are 1,036 yards with 8 rushing TDs and one receiving.

What makes him so good? Here is ESPN's take.

From my perspective, is he the top pick in the 2008 fantasy football drafts or has he only ascended to the #2 spot?


Speaking of next season's top picks, Patriots' QB Tom Brady has done nothing to weaken the argument that he should be a Top 5 selection. Maybe even Top 3. But I admit to feeling the same disdain I feel for the New England Patriots as I do for Duke University basketball. And as a University of Connecticut basketball fan since 1988, that is quite a bit of nasty emotion.

When Robert Mathis sacked Brady on the Patriots' first possession of today's game against Indianapolis, I felt, "Yeah! Kill him!" When the Colts drove the ball, I felt the same. When Asante Samuel committed a 37-yard pass interference penalty against Anthony Gonzalez, I reacted with the same emotion.

This certainly arises from my belief that the Patriots are running-up the score against every team, and my sense of honor finds that repulsive. Am I the only one whose emtions make me beleive everyone is a Colts fan today who isn't one of the Pats?