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Doomed! Doomed I Tell You! - Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, AJ Feeley

Do you have injured quarterback problems?  

If you're like me, and you needed Brett Favre to lead your team to a playoff-critical win this week (son of a %$#ing ^&@#!!), then head over here (don't worry, cursing is encouraged) and take a look at who will be taking on the starting QB role in a few places:

A.J. Feeley, Philadelphia - Is Donovan McNabb healthy?  Nobody is saying, but McNabb didn't practice yesterday and Feeley is working with the first team.  So that probably means no. Considering that Feeley threw for 345 yards and 3 TDs last week against the Patriots, maybe the Eagles aren't in a hurry to get him back in .  The interceptions are an obvious problem, but there aren't many quarterbacks with 300+ yard potential on the waiver wire.  He's still available in 88% of fantasy leagues.

Vinnie Testaverde, Carolina - It looks like the Panthers have the technology to rebuild Testaverde one more time and send him out against the Forty Niners.  He threw for a not-terrible 258 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in his last game against the Panthers, and is available in 93% of fantasy league.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay -- If you're one of the people panicking over Favre's injury (and I'm including the entire state of Wisconsin) then run, don't walk, to your computer and pick up Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers performed well against the Cowboys last night and if Favre can't come back Rodgers will (finally) be The Man. Don't drop another starting QB for him but he's fantasy worthy if you have nobody else to use