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MLB Rumors: Jose Reyes For Johan Santana?

The latest speculation in New York that has the tongues wagging is the Twins' trade of their SS Jason Bartlett in the Delmon Young trade.  The natural conclusion is the Mets are going to deal Jose Reyes in a trade for Johan Santana.   John Harper of the NY Daily News writes:

But would Minaya give up shortstop Jose Reyes to make it happen?

"I know he wouldn't want to," said the executive [who knows Minaya]. "But I do believe he'll think long and hard about it if he absolutely has to. As explosive as Reyes is, Omar needs pitching to win a championship, and it has become so hard these days to acquire front-line pitching that I think he'd have to consider it."

And if this report from Wallace Matthews of Long Island's Newsday is correct, then the Mets would have to include Reyes to top the Yankees' offer.  He relays from "an organizational source [that told him] yesterday they would now consider parting not just with Kennedy or Hughes, but Kennedy and Hughes plus Cabrera, if that's what it takes. In that case, the Yankees would pursue Rowand to replace him in center."  (Yeah, why not slip an Aaron Rowand rumor in there, too?)

The fuel for this fire isn't just coming from New York.  In Minnesota, Patrick Reusse of the Star-Tribune offers this tantalizing bit:

There were New York and also national reporters on [Twins' Gm Bill] Smith's conference call. They listened to the questions about Young and Garza, but what these people really were interested in was what Smith might be planning for his next move.

Meaning: Would Smith offer any information on all those rumors that Santana was headed to the Yankees or the Mets?

For the most part, Smith was tight-lipped -- Ryan-style -- but there was a hint that the shortstop situation could still be in flux.

The Twins need a SS, and Jose Reyes would provide the star-power to 1. justify trading baseball's best pitcher and 2. satisfy the taxpayers who are paying for the Twins new stadium.  The question is how much more than Reyes would the Twins require.  

By dealing Santana and Garza, a starting pitcher seems like a requirement.  Would the Mets include Pelfrey, Humber or Kevin Mulvey along with Reyes to acquire Santana?