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Need Help? Fred Jackson, Justin Gage, Trent Edwards

Fantasy owners who have had Tom Brady and Randy Moss on their teams have likely been laughing all the way to the playoffs.  The Brady to Moss connection has been the offensive story of the season so far.  But since Brady and Moss likely aren't available in your league, you need to find somebody who's just as good.  

But that's not likely either, so you'll take somebody who's a reliable starter.

But you won't find a guy like that either.  How about somebody who's just playing well?  

Or just playing?!  

Hello?  Help me out here!

Don't worry, there are still some options.  

If you're looking for wide receivers that have been hot over the past three weeks, consider the Titans' Justin Gage (254 rec yds), the Bengals' Chris Henry (221 rec yards), and the Panthers' Drew Carter (201 rec yds).   Each of those guys have more receiving yards than Roy Williams the past three games and may be available in your fantasy league.  

Your best available option at quarterback is probably the Bills' Trent Edwards, who is taking over for a benched JP Losman this week.  Edwards has looked like a rookie in his first few starts but should be more confident the second time around.  He's also facing a Redskins secondary that may be still shell-shocked by the tragic death of Sean Taylor.  

If you just need a body at running back, you can take a chance on Fred Jackson who will be starting for the Bills if Anthony Thomas can't overcome a calf injury.  Grab Jackson now and keep an eye on Thomas' status on Sunday.