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MLB Rumors: Miguel Cabrera, Pirates, White Sox, Randy Johnson

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Mike DiGiovanna reports Angels owner Arte Moreno had two trades for Miguel Cabrera nixed when the Marlins backed out.  Moreno also says the Marlins have been dealing the same way with the Dodgers.

As an aside, DiGiovanna has again reiterated that the Angels do not want to deal 3B Brandon Wood.  This leads me to beleive he will be given the opportunity to be a contributor in 2008 at either 3B or SS depending on the resolution of the Cabrera issues.

Clark Spencer gets a quote from Marlins' president of baseball operations, Larry Beinfest, on the statements by Angels' owner Arte Moreno that the Marlins have gotten cold feet twice in agreed-upon trades for Miguel Cabrera.  In typical denial-equals-guilt fashion, Beinfest said, ``We do not comment on trades or trade rumors.''

If this is how the Marlins demonstrate their professionalism, then expect there to be a change in the front office barring an elevation to big-market status by the Marlins. A team that must always rebuild has to have good relationships with potential trading partners.  Backing out of trades, not once but twice with the same club, does not engender goodwill.


One of my favorite beat writers, Dejan Kovacevic, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Pirates are hoping to correct their 2007 trade deadline mistake of acquiring Matt Morris from the giants by peddling him to the St. Louis Cardinals.  Kovacevis ties the Cardinals' need for a SS into a possible package deal that would free the Pirates from big-money commitments while helping the trading partner fill its needs.  A win-win proposal.

Maybe the Marlins should bring Dejan in as a consultant to show Beinfest how things are done?


According to Nick Piecoro
of the Arizona Republic, Randy Johnson has had no setbacks in recovery from a second back surgery. Given The Big Unit was pitching so well before shutting himself down in mid-season, this is good news.  Hopefully, he will stay healthy enough to get the 16 wins he needs for 300.


Kenny Williams claims to have enough matches with other teams to provide improvement via trade, according to Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune.  I agree.  With the Angels looking for a 3B and the White Sox needing a centerfielder, there exists a Joe Crede- or Josh Fields-for-Reggie Willits possibility.  Even a Crede-for-Juan Pierre would make sense for both teams.