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Who's Next? Garrett Wolfe, Patrick Cobbs, Gilbert Harris

With injuries ravaging NFL running backs, you can't just count on fantasy stalwarts like Priest Holmes, Cedric Benson and Jesse Chatman to carry your team during these critical last weeks of the fantasy season. Oh no my friend, you need to be ready to grab their backups in case they get injured.  That kind of depth could mean the difference between making the playoffs and staying home.

And what if their backups are also hurt?  Then you need to grab THEIR backups.  It's the NFL 2007, there's no logical way to predict how this will end.  Here are some "guys-behind-the-guy-behind-the-guy" to keep your eyes and waiver wire fingers on.

Garrett Wolfe, Chicago - Cedric Benson is out for the year, which means Adrian Peterson takes over the starting slot.  What happens if Peterson also gets hurt or, like Benson, just stinks up the joint?  Then, just like in Pulp Fiction, it's time for the Wolfe!  The rookie only has 9 carries for 34 yards this season, with 25 of those yards coming in one run last week.  He has a lot of speed and potential though, and should see more playing time even with Peterson as the healthy lead back.

Patrick Cobbs, Miami -- Jesse Chatman's injury opened up room for one of the most unusual running backs ever to take a hit in the NFL in Ricky Williams.   Too bad Williams immediately coughed it up and then got hurt, he could've rolled up a big night.  If Chatman isn't healthy, the Dolphins would likely call on Cobbs who mopped up against the Steelers.  Cobbs finished with 10 rushing yards on Monday to bring his season total to 47.  Well there you go.  Miami could resign Samkon Gado this week as well

Gilbert Harris, Kansas City -- Sure, everybody's raving over rookie Kolby Smith now (although Fake Teams readers knew about him back in June) but what happens if Smith gets hurt?  You have to consider it, the Chiefs have been destroying running backs this season the way Herm Edwards destroys hope.  Harris was just recently promoted from the practice squad which doesn't bode well for his fantasy value, although stranger things have happened.  He may get a few carries in a fullback role this week.