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MLB Rumors: What The Twins Wish For Johan Santana

Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a couple of great articles about the Johan Santana trade speculation.  he writes:

So far, the Twins seem to be in a fact-finding mode. They are learning which teams are interested, though as of Monday, they said they had yet to receive a specific offer....
The Twins expect to know whether they will trade Santana by the end of the winter meetings, which run Dec. 3-6.

More insightfully, he also wonders whether the team's recent success in trading quality players in AJ Pierzynski (Joe Nathan, Boof Bonser and Francisco Liriano) and Chuck Knobluach (Cristian Guzman, Eric Milton, Brian Buchanan and Danny Mota) will negatively affect the proposals via too-high expectations for the Twins and wariness by other teams about which prospects the Twins want.  This is a common side effect of good traders/player evaluators in fantasy baseball, too.

Of considerable interest to everyone who loves trade specualtion, He also runs down a Wish List for each of the following teams:  New York Yankees, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim.   Other than the Dodgers "Dream Trade", the Yankees would give-up the best package.

To boot, Mr. Christensen also notes from his extensive experience covering the Twins that anyone should expect a Class A prospect to be tagged on to any deal.  It is here that I suspect most teams would become very wary, though.