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What Happened? - Week 12: Frank Gore, Kolby Smith, Jamal Lewis

  • The Patriots allowed 345 passing yards and three passing touchdowns while only rushing for 48 yards.  There's no arguing with 11-0, but that doesn't sound like the "Greatest Team Ever"
  • When you compare Philip Rivers and Eli Manning - and fans will be doing this forever - you really need to compare Antonio Gates and Jeremy Shockey.  Shockey was drafted 14th overall in 2002, Gates was signed as an undrafted free agent the following year.
  • Frank Gore intentionally goes out and makes me look bad with 21 carries for 116 yards and two TDs to go with 11 catches for 98 yards.  A fantastic day for Gore and better than Ryan Grant who I touted earlier this week.   One day against the Cardinals does not qualify as a resurgence however.   Both Larry Johnson and LaDanian Tomlinson both had their "yay they're back!" games and both have looked mortal since then.
  • Speaking of Ryan Grant, he had a pretty good day as well:  Fifteen carries for 101 yards and a touchdown to go with 6 catches for 31 yards.  He may only be a rookie, but he's been good enough to give Favre the rushing cover that he needs.
  • If you play in a league that gives extra points for long field goals, Jason Hanson likely scored 4+4+4+5+4XP  = 17 fantasy points for you this week.  That's the type of performance that gets teams into the fantasy playoffs.
  • AJ Feeley threw 2 TDs to Greg Lewis and another to Reggie Brown.  Nice to see the Kevin Curtis Blinders were broken when McNabb went down with an injury.
  • How does anybody deal with Jamal Lewis? He rushed for 134 yards yesterday to go with a 216 yard effort early this season.  He also has seven games with fewer than 70 rushing yards, including four games with fewer than 40 rushing yards.  In one of those sub-40 rushing yard games he had four touchdowns.  Starting Jamal Lewis is the fantasy equivalent of unprotected sex.
  • Kolby Smith, 31 carries for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Let's give a big round of applause to the Chiefs' front office for drafting Smith, then signing Larry Johnson to a six year, $45 million contract including a $12.5 million signing bonus.  The value of Smith's three year contract is undisclosed, but you can bet it's less than $12.5 million.  Bravo Chiefs, fantastic job!  
  • Take away his 53 yard touchdown, and Steven Jackson had 22 carries for 37 yards.  What are the odds the Rams follow Minnesota's game plan and draft Darren McFadden next season?   Would that be too crazy?