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MLB Rumors: Miguel Cabrera

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Juan C. Rodriguez is back with an update on the trade market for Florida marlins' 3B Miguel Cabrera and how a deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would work for the Marlins.  he writes:

If the Marlins don't budge from their four-player demand for Miguel Cabrera, here's one potential return from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: second baseman Howie Kendrick, catcher Jeff Mathis, outfielder Reggie Willits and a pitcher, anyone from Ervin Santana to Joe Saunders to Nick Adenhart.

The Marlins could immediately insert either Santana or Saunders into their rotation. The guy they may prefer is Adenhart if for no other reason because his major league service time clock isn't ticking yet.

Kendrick would be an option to replace Cabrera at third, but that assignment likely would go to Dan Uggla. His 30-homer power would play well there. Defensively, he knows the position from having manned it extensively as a minor leaguer.

In Willits and Mathis, the Marlins would address their two biggest deficiencies [catcher and centerfield]. Both would be surefire bets for the Opening Day lineup.

On "Baseball This Morning" on XM Radio's MLB Homeplate, Ken Rosenthal said he believed the Angels are the most likely to land Cabrera, and it would involve three or four high quality players/prospects.  He said the Marlins are insisting that Howie Kendrick is one of those players.


Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune writes the San Francisco Giants "may be the team most aggressively pursuing Cabrera" but parting with SP Tim Lincecum may be the deal breaker as he is involved in every Marlins proposal.

I remain unsold that the Giants would blow-up their young pitching to trade for a hitter that would still leave them needing hitting and pitching, but one can never be unsurprised by what millionaires ad billionaires do with their products/assets.