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Week Twelve Football and Point Spread Questions

With 10 games in the book, will we begin to see teams going through the motions waiting for the season to end?

Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants at (-7):        

  • Will Chester Taylor be able to duplicate last week's effort to give the Vikings a chance for a road win?
  • Do the Giants recognize that jumping out to a quick lead will force the Vikings into a game strategy they cannot execute?
Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears (-1.5):
  • The line says the Broncos are better than the Bears on a neutral field.  Their run defense says they are not (almost 150 yards per game).
  • Will the soft Bronco's run defense provide Cedric Benson more distance between himself and back-up Adrian Peterson?
Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals (+1.5):
  • Last week's Vince Young was the one getting all the pre-season hype.  Will he continue to show-up?
  • After four seasons with Marvin Lewis at the helm, who would have thought his team would be home underdogs to a team without any semblance of a wide receiving corp?
Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars (-8):
  • How will the Bills bounce back after last week's embarassing effort versus the Patriots?
  • Another NFL team without any semblance of a wide receiving corp.  Yet, it is an eight-point favorite.
Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5):
  • Will Lane Kiffin realize next year's Raiders are going to be just as bad and play rookie JaMarcus Russell now?
  • How does RB Kolby Smith do against a 150+ ypg rush defense?
Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns (-3.5):
  • Will Game Four of the Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson Era be as good as the first three?
  • Will QB Derek Anderson continue to make the case for dealing rookie QB Brady Quinn for a package greater than the one Cleveland gave Dallas in order to draft him?
Seattle Seahawks at St Louis Rams (+3):
  • I can't help thinking the 'hawks should be bigger favorites in this game?
  • If Marc Bulger was sacked six times by a mediocre 49ers pass rush, how many times will he go down against the third-best pass rush by sacks?
New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers (+3):
  • If RB Reggie Bush doesn't play, what will the running attack look like?  As a matter of fact, the passing one, too.
  • QB David Carr only starts if Vinny Testaverde is hurt.
Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3):
  • Will WR Santana Moss force fantasy teams into a tough decision on Tuesday?
  • The Bucs score fewer ppg than the 'Skins, but allow just over 15 per game.  Do you take the defense to cover?
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (-10.5):
  • The O/U is just 37.5.  This works out to the 49ers scoring 13 points.  I can't see it but maybe someone else can.
  • 10.5 favorites and one of the lowest O/U lines.  Does San Francisco cooperate or is the Cardinals defense that good?
Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers (-9):
  • Man, is there a reason to watch this team anymore?
  • The Chargers are tied for 1st place despite the perception they have been an utter disappoinment.
Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots (-24):
  • How does back-up QB AJ Feeley distribute the pass receptions?
  • ESPN's John Clayton says it best, "Here's the plot: The opponent is the corpse. Each week, you have to see how bad the Patriots bludgeon it. Welcome to CSI: New England."
Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers (-16):
  • How well does rookie QB John  Beck do following last week's unimpressive debut?  How about Ricky Williams?
  • Will Willie Parker run wild against the league's worst rush defense (154.9 ypg) or will he lay the same egg he laid against an almost as bad Jets rush defense (150.5 ypg)?